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“I thank God for without him, I am like a dream without a journey. Non-Existent."

Here I am, 25 years in the making. I’ve grown a lot and I’ve seen changes in myself I never thought I would. Life has thrown lesson after lesson on my plate and through it all, I have come to know that I know nothing. Acceptance! That’s the first step to growing; the realization that there is plenty of room to grow. Without that realization and the constant reminders that life gives, I would be looking back, wishing I could revisit my past. Not a chance! I am excited and thankful for who I’ve become and thankful for the refining process of life. But who I am now can’t even compare to the person I will become. This is the story of my life. This is my journey. Does it matter to you? Maybe not, but if there is anything I else I have learned, it’s that everyone has a story. If we set aside our differences to listen to others, we’d find that we’re much more alike than we think. I hope someone can learn from my story, my successes, my failures, and the learning process in between. To make things simpler, I broke my life down into three parts all coordinating with one crucial element of my life: Faith. My faith has always been there whether wavering or steady, to keep me on my designated path. I begin my journey with Part 1: Fighting Faith. I chose this title, not because I did not have any faith or that I was against faith as it may sound. What I’ve come to understand is that when we have a lack of faith, trying to plan everything out ourselves or act on a whim, leaving faith up in the air, we are actually enabling failure in our lives. Faith gives us moral standard but also allows us to reason that hardships come for a reason. Without faith, we will find ourselves falling steadily into a rut. In Part 2: Finding faith, I rediscover what I had been neglecting all along. It takes time, but I assure you that reading it takes a lot less time than I spent actually figuring it out. Part 3: Following Faith is now in the works. It is still exciting to me to think about the future, not just for myself, but for the future I can help produce for others.So, if you want to hear about dreams, family and love; then follow me through my journey from who I was while I discovered my dreams to who I become as I chase them!

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